Audience Focus




Audience Focus conducts evaluation studies that provide insight about your projects. We believe that engaging in continuous cycles of evaluation and reflection promotes a culture of informed decision-making, leads to greater accountability and responsiveness to audiences, improves internal and external communication, and creates an internal culture of evaluative thinking where there is more questioning, evidence gathering and reflective conversations.


Exhibition Evaluation

We conduct exhibition evaluations at any stage of your project, including planning, prototyping, implementation, and post-implementation phases. We use a variety of methods to address your questions about exhibitions, including timing and tracking, focused observations, entry and exit interviews, and longitudinal follow-up interviews or online questionnaires.


Program Evaluation

We conduct evaluation at all levels of program development. Methods to assess the effectiveness of museum programs include written questionnaires, pre- and post-program interviews or questionnaires, and individual or group interviews. We also implement many innovative and authentic data collection methods including audience panels, portfolio reviews, video and audio conversation analysis, drawings, visitor response areas, concept maps, and participant-observer strategies.


Digital and New Media Evaluation

We can help you test your new media, technology, and web-based experiences. We have experience evaluating the effectiveness of many different types of digital and new media experiences, including multi-media guides, interactive touch tables, apps, and learning websites. We use a range of methods including observations, think-aloud conversations, interviews, and online questionnaires.